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do petite sizes run smaller in the waist

(ANSWERED) Do Petite Sizes Run Smaller In The Waist?

Generally, petite-sized clothing runs smaller than regular-sized clothing. It is for individuals who are 5’3″ or 162 cm in height. Contradictory to what people assume, petite-sized clothing is cut to fit persons of shorter stature, so your weight is not an important factor of consideration.  Here’s a detailed…

does boohoo run small on does boohoo run small? (solved)

Does Boohoo Run Small? (SOLVED)

Figuring out Boohoo sizes can be as complicated as solving a problem in quantum physics. You know that feeling when you’re opening up a fortune cookie and don’t know what you’re going to get? That’s Boohoo sizes for you! This popular clothing brand loves putting us in suspense;…

does kenzo run small on does kenzo run small? (best sizing guide)

Does Kenzo Run Small? (Best Sizing Guide)

Looking for the perfect fit from Kenzo? Now that would be an easy task if you pick the size accordingly! But I am sure most fail to get the correct size, probably due to multiple reasons, which I will discuss further in this post. However, before I get…

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