About Me

“If personality had a face, it would be the clothes you wear.”

This is my mantra!


I am Emily Vosburgh, a 30-something stylist who loves everything fashion. Styling and designing come naturally to me, and I have been passionate about clothes and how they can transform people for as long as I can remember.

it's me!

It started with me helping my friends and family get dressed for such events as proms and weddings. But as I grew older, fashion and styling was something that became more than a hobby; my heart was set on pursuing it as a career.

Naturally, I had to pick a course in retail while studying, which further developed my love and knowledge of clothes and fashion.

Currently, I run this fashion – styling, sizing, and tips, website and a fashion-consulting agency.

But wouldn’t you like to know why I started the blog and the agency? Let me tell you about it!

The birthing of this blog

I have been sharing styling tips with friends and family for fun all my life. But I had a few gigs in school, which put the seed in me to take it more seriously.

The real motivation for starting my blog is to share styling tips and fashion advice with a wider audience than my friends. On my website, I share:

  • Styling tips for petite as well as regular-sized clothes
  • How to buy clothes that fit perfectly
  • Identifying the best classic pieces that suit both your wardrobe and your lifestyle
  • Finding perfect and affordable dupes for designer pieces
  • How to understand sizing from fashion labels, especially while buying clothes online
  • Understanding your body type so you can make the most out of your clothes
  • The importance of color and how it can decide your whole appearance
  • How to dress better and look chic regardless of the season
  • Keeping up with trends and which ones to add to your wardrobe

In addition, starting my fashion blog also gave me the space where I could put all my fashion inspirations and ideas in one place. Before I started working on my blog, I would note down fashion ideas on my tablet or a notebook and pin thousands of inspirations on Pinterest.

Needless to say, this was insanely disorganized, and I would waste precious time searching for a note I had written on a specific topic.

This blog allowed me to keep everything organized so I could pull up anything I wanted, anytime I needed it, or someone else needed it.

And I am pretty confident that my blog can do the same for you. If you want to know how to style wide-legged pants, a classic button-down, or a crop top, just drop it in the search box, and you have instant access to my personalized styling tips!

Did you know? In addition to my fashion and styling blog, I run a fashion consultancy agency. This is where I give personal styling sessions with my clients on a 101 basis.

The agency is targeted toward clients who need a personalized consultation on their wardrobes, shopping, and how to dress for particular events.

A backstory on how my fashion consultancy agency started.

As my fashion blog took off, several readers contacted me for personalized consultations. Initially, I did my best to engage with all of them and shared my tips with anyone who got in touch with me through the blog and on social media.

However, after a couple of months, the number of people inquiring about personal styling advice was getting out of proportion, and I could not answer everyone.

So with a few trusted members on the team, I decided to go ahead with the fashion consultancy agency. And this has been a phenomenal experience!

Through my blog, I am able to express my thoughts on various topics related to fashion, style, and the garment industry. It also gives me the opportunity to curate different kinds of looks with an item of clothing, periodically.

But the blog is not a medium to reach out to individual clients for a personal consultation.

I can spend hours with a client through the fashion consultancy agency, whether it is for building their dream wardrobe, shopping for new items to add to their existing wardrobe, or styling them for an event.

When you come to my agency, I do not just help you buy stylish clothes; pack them up and leave. The consultation involves understanding your body shape, career goals, and lifestyle so that the clothes reflect who you are.

My team and I also keep the entire experience from consultation to shopping for clothes within your budget, which is an important aspect for every client as well as the agency.

Ready to get dressed for success?

Let’s make it happen together!

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