Does OshKosh Run Small? (Five Best Tips To Size Variance)

Planning to get kid’s wear from OshKosh and wondering if it’s true to size. If so, I have it covered in this post!

If you have kids or niece/nephew, you might have heard of OshKosh B’gosh. This brand is quite popular because of its variant collection of children’s wear. It’s a subsidiary of Carter, a major US-based children’s clothing company.

When it comes to clothes, size accuracy plays a crucial role. I have heard people complaining about some brands not staying true to size and running small or big.

Now the question is: does OshKosh run small or big? According to the customer reviews, I’d say most of their clothing items are true to size. However, expect size variances in some of their products.

Want to know more? Let’s delve further into the article for a better understanding.

Does OshKosh Run True Size, or Is it Accurate? A Helpful Guide To Oshkosh Sizing

does oshkosh run small

Getting the right clothing size is essential to look good and comfortable. As mentioned, OshKosh is a subsidiary of Carter; however, it expects size variance among these brands.

For instance, I have come across people saying OshKosh leans toward smaller sizes in some of their clothing while Carter runs big.

However, it should be noted that customers have commended OshKosh for staying true to size!

Size variance among brands is expected. Additionally, sizes tend to be smaller in some clothing items like slim-fit style. Moreover, difference in body structure plays a crucial in determining the size.

One of the best solutions would be to look at the product description and size chart to get an accurate size.

Wondering which clothing items run small or big in OshKosh? Check the table below for better understanding:

Baby (0-24 months)Toddlers(2T-5T)Kids (4-14 years)
Item that run small NoneSwimwear ShoesLeggings Bathing suit Stretchy jeans Shoes  
Item that run bigJumpsuitDress Jersey shorts for boysHoodie  

When it comes to babies, most of the items are true to size except for jumpers. It leans toward a bigger size. This is in a way good as it allows you to comfortably put diapers.

Toddler clothing items are mostly slimmer and small. But OshKosh swimwear and shoes run smaller than standard size for both toddlers and kids.

OshKosh Swimwear Sizing: Do OshKosh Bathing Suits Run Small?

OshKosh has some of the cutest swimwear for both boys and girls. Not to mention, they have it for babies and toddlers as well.

Additionally, parents have appreciated the clothing material and quality the brand offers. However, when it comes to size, there have been mixed reviews.

But I’d like to point out that materials play a crucial role in determining the size of the cloth. For instance, cotton clothes are true to size, while elastane or polyester runs smaller than the standard size.

That said, swimwear is made mainly of polyester, and chances are likely to run smaller. Hence, I suggest you check the size chart while buying bathing suits for your kids.

OshKosh Plus Size

does oshkosh fit small

Except for slim-fit or tight-fitting clothes, OshKosh is true to size. The brand also sells plus-size jean. But some customers have commented that it run small. I’d recommend Carter if you prefer extra-large clothing.

Most customers say that Carter clothes run big, while OshKosh runs small. So, if you prefer a larger fitting than the standard size, Carter would be a better option.

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How To Decide Size For OshKosh? Five Best Tips

If you’re new, I have five tips that you can apply to pick the right clothing size for your kids, babies, or toddlers. Additionally, this is applicable to other clothing brands as well.

Here are five crucial tips to follow while deciding size from OshKosh:

  1. The first tip is to check the brand’s size chart. That way, you can take measurements of your kid’s size and buy accordingly. Referring to the size guide makes your task easier and helps you choose an accurate size.
  2. The next tip is to check customer reviews. It’s pretty helpful as some people leave comments about clothes not being true to size. In a way, it will help you analyze before purchasing.
  3. Considering clothing style is vital to choose the accurate size. For example, slim-fitting clothes tend to be smaller than the standard size. So, choose well before you purchase.
  4. You can also contact customer service to get a specific measurement of a clothing item. It is one of the best alternatives for a size chart.
  5. Consider the material of a garment that you plan to buy. Elastane and polyester materials cloth usually run small as it’s stretchy. So, watch that out!

These are some of the tips that will help you in deciding accurate cloth sizes for your kids. Even better, if you’re buying online because a trial is not available, unlike offline stores.

Our Readers Asked

Does OshKosh Overalls Run Small?

The answer is no, as it varies depending on the clothing material and designs. Some cloth items run smaller than the standard size; however, most are true to size.

Do Oshkosh Suits Run Small?

Some of their clothing items run small. Watch out for stretchy cotton clothes, as they tend to be smaller.

Do Oshkosh Bikinis Run Small?

Yes, it runs small, and I would highly recommend the brand’s OshKosh before you splurge on it.

Should I Size Up On Oshkosh?

It would be better to size up on OshKosh, especially jeans and swimwear, to get an accurate size.


Now that you have got your answer about OshKosh and its size variances, perhaps your next purchase will be easier. I can only imagine how challenging it will be for parents to buy clothes for their kids.

However, going through OshKosh’s size chart for reference will be of great help. It would also be great if you go through the product description as it will give you an idea about the material and size details.





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