Is It True That Kuhl Pants Don’t Shrink Or Stretch? (ANSWERED)

You might have seen the ads and thought to yourself, wow, I’m gonna get me those pants! Well, that’s the impact that Kuhl pants have made on the clothing industry, and their influence seems to keep growing. The brand has effectively produced a comfortable, fashionable, and multipurpose style.

Kuhl pants make a number of claims, ranging from ergonomic designs, tough yet enjoyable materials, and an elastic appeal. But as I was going through all the awesome pros listed on their website, one claim caught my attention. It was the claim that Kuhl pants do not shrink or stretch after being washed.

Being the suspicious shopper I am, I decided to put this claim to the test and see whether it’s true. So, I went ahead and got me a pair of Kuhl pants and tried it out for a week. The results were absolutely shocking.

Do KÜHL Pants Shrink Or Stretch?

do kuhl pants shrink or stretch

The honest answer? Yes, they do shrink a teeny tiny bit after the first few washes. However, the changes are so minuscule that it doesn’t really matter; it’s not going to squeeze the blood out of your legs. On the other hand, the pants do not stretch out even after several washes.

Take a look at the chart below for a more accurate understanding of Khul pant sizes.

Kuhl Pants TypeDo They Shrink?Do They Stretch?
Kuhl RadiklYesNo
Kuhl RydrYesNo
Kuhl RevolverYesNo
Kuhl RenegadeYesNo

I like to consider myself an outdoorsy person and spend a lot of time doing physical activities. I ride my bicycle to work every morning, so naturally, I need pants that give me enough elasticity and breathing room. I have tried out a bunch of different brands before, but none of them stuck for long. There always seemed to be something missing.

That is until I got the Kuhl pants that I have fallen in love with ever since. These pants are so ridiculously stretchy that I could peddle for ages in full gear without having the fabric scratch against my thighs. I had never spent $ 99 on a pair of pants before, but I have to say that it was totally worth it.

So this got me thinking, ‘I wonder what the other Kuhl items are like’. Will they have the same level of comfort and elasticity as the ones I got? The next thing I knew, I was on a shopping spree, looking up each and every item from the Kuhl pants wardrobe. And boy, oh boy, am I impressed.

Do Kuhl Rydr Jeans Shrink Or Stretch?

do kühl  pants shrink or stretch

Kuhl rydr jeans are probably one of the most comfortable jean collections in the world. The material is incredibly thin and lightweight and doesn’t limit your movements at all. You could literally play soccer wearing these jeans!

As for whether or not they shrink, Kuhl rydr jeans do shrink a little, but as usual, it’s only an insignificant amount. I could barely feel the difference even after multiple washes. In fact, I wouldn’t even have noticed anything if I wasn’t actively trying to find out whether they would shrink.

If you’re worried that the shrinking will make it tighter, don’t be. Kuhl rydr jeans either fit true to size or one size larger. So even if some rare dark magic does manage to shrink these jeans to a great extent, they’ll still fit you without any issues.

On the other hand, Kuhl rydr jeans will never stretch out, no matter how many times you wash them. So it would be a good idea to get the exact size you wear, rather than ordering one size bigger.

The Correct Way To Wash Kuhl Pants

Washing Kuhl pants involve doing a few precautionary steps before you can toss them into the washing machine. The rare material composition of these pants makes them vulnerable to wear and tear unless you take extra care.

Always remember to turn them inside out before putting them in the washing machine. This is to prevent the pants from getting creased around the legs while being washed. Moreover, it will avoid any permanent faded crease lines that look horrible.

Check for any marks or creases after it’s done washing. What you want to do now is fluff them up, so they look somewhat inflated and balloon-like. Once you’re confident that the materials are intact, you can put them in a low heat tumble dry setting in the dryer. Make sure you follow these instructions for any type of Kuhl pants.

Whatever you do, DONT USE BLEACH while washing any pants from Kuhl. I had to learn this lesson the hard way. Also, when it comes to the Kuhl rydr jeans, avoid dry cleaning at any cost.

On a side note, washing your Kuhl pants, whether men’s or women’s versions, will have some unavoidable effects. The first thing to know is that the colour of the pants might slightly fade with each wash. However, most people don’t seem to mind this, as it gives the pants a rugged texture.

Finally, as I mentioned, Kuhl pants do tend to shrink by a tiny margin. While this will have virtually no effect on men, the same can’t be said for women. Kuhl pants for women tend to run one size small. So it wouldn’t be a bad idea to order one size larger.

The Correct Way To Iron Kuhl Pants

Just like when it comes to washing, Kuhl pants require a certain kind of condition if they are to be ironed. Otherwise, you might end up ruining the fabric or diminishing the elastic quality of the pants.

Most of the popular Kuhl collections like radikl and renegade can be ironed at a low temperature, nothing hotter than that. On the other hand, the Kuhl rydr pants can be ironed at a medium temperature. Finally, avoid ironing the Kuhl rydr jeans at any cost.


What Our Readers Asked Us

Do Kuhl Renegade Pants Shrink Or Stretch?

You can expect them to shrink by an insignificant amount, but they will never stretch out.

Do Kuhl Radikl Pants Shrink Or Stretch?

They might shrink a tiny bit but you won’t feel or notice the difference. They won’t stretch out after washing.

Do Kuhl Revolver Pants Shrink Or Stretch?

In some cases, revolver pants have been known to shrink. However, there is no impact in size as the difference is tiny. On the other hand, these pants don’t stretch out after washing.

The Quick Version

Here’s a quick recap of everything I talked about in case you skipped out till the very end. There is a chance that some Kuhl pants might shrink after the first few washes; however, the size difference is too insignificant. On the other hand, Kuhl pants will never stretch out even after several washes.


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