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38s vs 38r

38S Vs 38R – Which Suit Size Is Best For Me?

Suits are the defining line of a man’s persona. Regardless of the occasion, place, or situation, a right-sized suit will elevate your appearance and help you gain respect. When we talk about a right-sized suit, there are some size variations or, should I say, measurements that you need…

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Emily Vosburgh is a stylist, a fashion blogger, and a personal shopper. She has a background in design and fashion, but Emily’s love affair with fine clothes and styling with a personal and fun twist began when she was in high school.

She was a pro at putting a spin even on a basic t-shirt, which instantly became the talk among her friends in school. As a young teen, Emily dressed many of her classmates and even seniors for prom and other special occasions.

Now with several styling credentials under her fancy belt; Emily loves nothing more than dressing other people to make them feel amazing and confident. She understands that nothing beats the feeling of looking great in good quality and fitting clothes, and she has put a smile on many clients over the years.

Emily also loves photography and traveling as a hobby and has traveled extensively to several international destinations, through which she gathers inspiration for her designs.

In addition to helping clients dress for success, Emily also runs a fashion and styling blog and a fashion-consulting agency, which has been a hit among her clients worldwide.

Do you need styling and sizing tips? Connect with Emily on her blog and other social media platforms!

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