Does Kenzo Run Small? (Best Sizing Guide)

Looking for the perfect fit from Kenzo? Now that would be an easy task if you pick the size accordingly!

But I am sure most fail to get the correct size, probably due to multiple reasons, which I will discuss further in this post.

However, before I get into the intricacies of sizing, let’s learn a bit about the brand. Kenzo is a fashion label based in Paris, France, and the founder is Kenzo Takada.

This luxury brand infused street style, making it popular among fashion enthusiasts. Its unique approach appealed to the masses, and the label has created a niche within a short span.

Does Kenzo Run True To Size? A Detailed Explanation To Kenzo Sizing!

does kenzo run small

Getting into the point: does Kenzo run small? The answer is yes! However, there are a few pointers I’d like to point out for a better understanding.

Kenzo sizing is accurate to your regular size, but it would be better to consider the clothing style and designs. Since this brand is a luxury and street fashion mix, size variance is expected for different clothing items.  

For example, loose-fit shirts or pants are a popular street fashion. Now for this, you might need to consider the size, whether to go for a small or large size. If you prefer a loose or oversize shirt, consider choosing a bigger size.

Another key aspect that I’d like you to note is that Kenzo uses European sizes in determining the size of a shoe. For instance, a 39-inch shoe when converted to UK regular size measures 5.5.

Some customers have issues with shoe size stating that it run small. Here, I would recommend sizing up, or check the product description.

It will make your task easier and choose the perfect fit for you. Or, you just buy two pairs if you have money to splurge!

Kenzo caters to men, women, and kids by providing a variety of clothing collections and accessories. And the best way to choose the right size is by considering the style and looking at the brand’s size chart.

Going through the size guide helps in determining the size allowing you to choose one that’s perfect for you.

Here is a comparison size chart of Kenzo with the standard clothing size:

Jackets/shirts/sweatshirts (Standard Chest size)Shorts/trousers (Standard Waist size)Kenzo Sizing
36 inches28 inchesXS
38 inches30 inchesS
40 inches32 inchesM
42 inches34 inchesL
44 inches36 inchesXL
46 inches38 inchesXXL

Kenzo Swimwear Sizing

Generally, I would recommend checking the size chart and product description for swimwear to choose the right size.

The materials used in bathing suits or bikinis are mostly made of nylon, polyester, or elastane. These material types are stretchy and tight-fitting to your body.

Kenzo swimwear is true to size, but I have seen some customers saying that it runs small!

Note that size variance is also expected due to differences in physical structures. Therefore, it would be better to make proper measurements of your body and check the size guide accordingly.

How To Decide Size For Kenzo? Here Is What You Should Know

Before deciding on a size from Kenzo, here are some vital points that you should know:

  • Some of their clothes are meant to be oversized. So, watch out for this aspect before you order.
  • Kenzo shoes and clothes mainly use European sizes. Refer to the size chart to clear doubt and confusion.

Kenzo has a varied range of clothing items for kids, men, and women. It should be noted that sizing is different for gents, ladies, and children. Hence, it would be better to consider this aspect before purchasing one.

Furthermore, this brand is known for its street fashion and distinct style. And this causes differences in size.

Are Kenzo Sizes Accurate?

does kenzo run true to size

Kenzo sizes are accurate, with the exception of some clothing items. However, you should note it’s common in all clothing brands.

Here is a list of clothing items that run small:

  • T-shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Shoes
  • Knitwear

These are some of the popular items that run small and require sizing up. I would recommend checking the product description before getting one.

Kenzo also has some of their common items that run bigger than the standard size.

  • Bodycon dress
  • Skirt
  • Pants

Should I Size Up On Kenzo?

As mentioned, some clothing items from Kenzo run either small or big. It’s to be noted that most of the clothes are true to size.

However, the occurrence of shirts or sweatshirts smaller than the standard size is witnessed by customers. In this case, sizing up will be necessary.

You don’t have to size up in all of Kenzo’s items as there are customers that fit perfectly.

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Our Readers Asked

Is Kenzo Plus Sized Friendly?

Kenzo specifically doesn’t have a plus-size line like other brands. However, their clothes come in XL(Extra-large), which you can check out.

Does Kenzo Bathing Suits Run Small?

Chances are likely that it may run small. I suggest you check their size chart for reference before getting one.

Do Kenzo Suits Run Small?

It mainly depends on the physical structure, but most customers have commented that it’s true to size.

Does Kenzo Sweater Run Small?

It depends on the design, but overall, it’s true to size. Check the brand’s size description to get an accurate size.

Do Kenzo Bikinis Run Small?

Chances are likely that Kenzo’s bikinis run small based on the customer reviews. So, check the size chart before purchasing.


As I end the post, hopefully, it was helpful and answered your query about Kenzo sizing. Most clothing items from this brand are true to size, with the exception of some clothes.

I would suggest paying attention to slim-fitting clothes as they tend to be smaller than the standard size.

To get an accurate size, it will be better to refer to the brand’s size chart and description. It’s the simplest way to get the right clothing size from Kenzo.


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