Does Alo Yoga Run Small? (Best Size Guide)

Imagine getting a small-sized legging but turning it smaller than it should! Wouldn’t it be such a bummer?

I am sure most people have had issues with clothing sizes, either being small or larger than the one you ordered. It may not be very pleasant at times, especially in activewear.

Here is an important note for you : probable size variance is expected from different clothing brands; hence, you will come across some sizes that are not as small or big as you expected.

You must be wondering if Alo Yoga stays true to size. Or, does Alo Yoga run small or big? Before I answer, let’s learn a bit about the brand and what they offer.

Alo Yoga is a well-known brand selling quality yoga apparel, including jackets, leggings, bodysuits, and more. The company is based in Los Angeles and has been functioning since 2007.

Does Alo Yoga Run Small? The Intricacies Of Size Variances

does alo yoga run small

As mentioned, size variances are expected from different clothing brands. And in the case of Alo Yoga, you’d be glad to know that it stays true to size.

This brand strives to produce high-quality and comfortable yoga apparel. One of the good aspects of this brand is the size variance with accurate specification.

Most of Alo’s clothing items don’t run small or big. The customer reviews on their official website attest to it. In addition, if you check online forums like Reddit, you will see people appreciating the brand for its accurate size.

That said, I would like to mention that some clothing items like leggings may have some size variations. Alo Yoga has different legging types, including interlace and airlift leggings.

These legging types mays have some issues with size and might be a bit smaller than the standard small size.

Clothing ItemDoes It Run Small?
Tank topsNo  

It’s a common belief among customers that Alo Yoga stays true to size. Whether big or small size, you get what you ordered. However, expect size variations in some of their clothing items.

It is common in any clothing brand. The key is to read the product description that you plan to get before purchasing it. Cloth material, design, etc., play a vital role in size determination.

Moreover, if it’s a slim fit category, the size tends to be smaller than the standard small size. Knowing all these aspects will help you choose the correct size, whether big or small.

Is Alo Plus-Size Friendly?

does alo yoga run true to size

Clothing brands have become more inclusive and creative. Before, clothing sizes were limited, but now it’s available in different body shapes and sizes.

Alo Yoga caters to plus-size bodies but is limited to sweatpants, leggings, and tops. In contrast, Lululemon offers much size variance for plus-sized bodies.

Comparing Alo Yoga Sizes To Lululemon

Lululemon is another major brand known for selling quality yoga pants and other yoga clothing as well. The company headquarters is in Vancouver, Canada, and was established in 1998.

When it comes to sizes, Alo Yoga offers more accuracy than Lululemon. I am not saying that the brand is bad, but there are complaints about some of their clothing items running small.

Furthermore, Lululemon’s leggings or other skinny-fit cloth materials are thinner than the ones you get in Alo Yoga. So, their slim-fit products run small; hence I advise you to check the size guide before you purchase it.

Moreover, if you’re purchasing online from Lululemon, it would be better to refer to a size chart and look at the product description. That way, you can get an idea about it and buy accordingly.

Here are some of the popular clothing items from both these brands, and if they run small:

Alo YogaNoNoNoNoNoNoYesNo

These are some of the most bought items from both brands. As you can see from the table, most items stay true to size with the exceptions of leggings and swimwear.

As for Alo Yoga, most of their leggings are true to size. In contrast, Lululemon leggings run smaller than the standard size.

Nonetheless, both are excellent brands offering quality activewear. Size variance is expected in clothing items from different brands, mainly due to body structure variances.

So, I highly recommend you go through the size chart to get the correct leggings or shorts.


In conclusion, Alo Yoga doesn’t run small or big but remains true to size. In any case, I suggest you check the fit style, material, design, etc., before purchasing a clothing item.

Note that differences in physical structure lead to size variances. It would be better to check the size chart to help you choose the right size for yourself. Most Alo Yoga clothing items share similar size charts with most brands. Hence, accurate clothing size is expected.




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