Does PrAna Run Small? The “True To Size” Myth

If you’re someone who has an active lifestyle, you know how much of a difference the proper clothing makes. Of course, no one would feel unusually productive in uncomfortable clothes.

You must have heard of PrAna, the brand offering comfort and sustainability. So, is PrAna true to size? Or will you need a whole new size chart again?

Worry not, because I will take you through some of the most-sought answers about PrAna that you might be interested in. 

PrAna’s Definition of “True to Size

does prana run small

Does PrAna run small? Absolutely not! PrAna doesn’t run small, and this is true for most of their clothing items. Most of the commonly worn items are true to size. However, items in the slim-fit category have reviews about being difficult to breathe in.

Here’s a table to quickly understand how the most bought items fit the customers:

Clothing ItemDoes Prana Run Small?
LeggingsNo, runs small.
SwimwearNo, runs small.

While most people who’ve heard of the brand have the impression that PrAna runs small, it is not so. In fact, the actual size and fit of the brand’s clothing differ based on the type of clothing you buy and how the product is described.

For instance, the brand has fits for both regular and plus-size bodies. Also, these products vary depending on the label, i.e., whether they are loose fit, skinny, or regular.

Does PrAna Zion Run True to Size?

PrAna’s Zion pants have been a favorite among many and remain to be. The pants had an upgrade and now come with more features, such as the updated button closure that resembles a buckle.

However, all changes come with a price. And for the brand, it resulted in some unhappy old customers as well as some who celebrated it.

The reviews on the brand’s site say much about how new and old customers accept the changes. The pants are a straight fit and a little stretchy, but they aren’t as comfy as expected for people with more muscle mass.

Does PrAna Swimwear Run Small?

The models you see on their site may rock the look, but you need to remember that each of our body types differs, which is a crucial factor.

Most of the unsatisfactory reviews are from customers who have experienced that the torso was too short and fit tight.

If you don’t want to be one of the people feeling unconfident in their new summer item, you might need to take the size chart seriously and even size up from your usual.

Do PrAna Tops Run Small? Here’s What You Should Know

does prana run big

PrAna tops are true to size and do not run small compared to most other brands. Their shirts, jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, and tanks are made to fit your usual size. 

The only thing I would suggest you look into is the size guide of each item you buy. Since all brands have slight differences in their sizing, you will not have any issues with the brand if you take note of the accurate sizing before purchase.

Does PrAna Run Small, or Do They Have a Different Size Chart?

If you’re new to activewear, you might find that most of PrAna’s products are somewhat made to hug your skin. And why is that so? Well, such clothing keeps you on your toes and makes you feel active throughout the day.

But that doesn’t mean they’re uncomfortable and difficult to breathe in. PrAna’s sizing does not run small; they’re just made to be snug and accentuate the natural body curves while also keeping you active.

So, if it doesn’t run small, does PrAna run big? The brand’s sizing doesn’t run big or small; it is true to size, and you’ll have no issues with the products as long as you follow the description.

Our Readers Asked

What’s The Meaning Behind The Brand Name?

PrAna means “breath” in Sanskrit. The brand has its name rooted in Hinduism and, like the literal meaning, is a fresh breath of fashion that promotes an active lifestyle.

Do PrAna Pants Run Big?

PrAna pants do not run big. Their size chart is similar to most other brands and will fit you perfectly.

Do PrAna leggings run small?

Yes, most customers have reviewed PrAna leggings running small. The material is thin and stretchy, but you’ll need to size up if you’re a big person.

Do PrAna Skirts Run Small?

No, PrAna skirts do not run small.

Do PrAna Shirts Run Small?

No, their shirts do not run small.


Before concluding a brand’s sizing, you must consider the product description and fit style. Differences in body types are one major cause of the inconsistencies in clothing sizes.

Regardless of all that, most of PrAna’s clothing does not run small, nor do they run large. The only exceptions are those pieces that are made to stick to your skin, like swimwear and skinny-fit leggings.


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