42R Vs 42L: Choosing The Perfect Size For Your Suite

Whether you’re buying a suit or jacket, choosing the right size is essential. Wearing the correct size plays a significant role in looking fit and dashing.

Unlike casual clothes, the measurement of suits or jackets is quite complex, not to mention the varying sizes among different brands.

This post will compare the size difference between 42 long and 42 regulars. So, if you’re planning to get a suit or jacket, perhaps this guide will be of great use.

42L Vs 42R: What It Means For A Suit Or a Jacket!

42l vs 42r on 42r vs 42l: choosing the perfect size for your suite

A number along with a descriptive number is what you will generally see in suits and jackets.

The letter represents the length of the suit, while the number depicts the chest size in inches. For instance, 38L means the length of the suit is long, and the chest size is 38 inches.

The length of the suit is represented by three letters: S, R, and L (Short, Regular and Long). It determines the overall size of the jacket and its sleeve. Note that some brands also use XS (Small), and XL (Extra Large)

If you plan to buy the right fitting suit or a sports jacket, understanding size measurement will be of great help. Let’s look at what 42 l and 42 R means in a suit or a sport coat.

42L Vs 42R Suit Or A Jacket

42L in a suit means the chest size is 42 inches, while the sleeve length is 36 inches. 42R is a regular-sized suit with a chest measurement between 40 and 42 inches.

Both suit sizes have the same chest measurement; however, the difference lies in the length of the suit. 42L has a longer length than 42R.

Here Is A Guide To Choose The Right Size Between 42L And 42R

Now that you’re aware of the size difference between 42L and 42R, it would be an easy task to choose the correct size for you.

While purchasing a suit, considering your height is crucial. Additionally, measure your chest, allowing the measuring tape to fit comfortably. Avoid holding your breath while doing this.

Checking your height and chest size will help you pick a size that fits you. For instance, if you’re 5’9 with a chest size of 40 inches, a 40R suit jacket would be perfect.

42r vs 42l

Check below the comparison table of 42L and 42R:

Sleeve length36 inches34 inches
HeightMore than 6’15’8 to 6’
Waist32 to 36 inches32-36 inches
Chest40 to 42 inches40 to 42 inches

Note that the sizes may slightly differ depending on the brands. But the difference won’t be much.

Besides height and chest, you should also measure other body parts. To get an accurate suit jacket, here is what you should measure:

  • Sleeve
  • Waist
  • Jacket length
  • Shoulder

While purchasing suits online, checking these sizes will help you choose the correct jacket. I suggest you check the product details before pressing the check-out button. You don’t have to go for alteration to your tailor if you consider these aspects carefully.

A suit jacket or coat is complex and a challenging task if you plan to alter. One has to consider multiple factors before the alteration process.

Therefore, I highly advise measuring your body before purchasing one properly.

What Happens If You Wear An Incorrect-Sized Suit?

Wearing an incorrect suit size will not make you look good. For instance, if you’re 5’9, and wear a 42L suit jacket, it will look loose. The chest and waist part might be okay, but the sleeve length might be longer for you.  

Can You Tailor The 42L And 42 R Suit?

There are cases when some suits or jackets can be altered due to fabrics. Another reason would be either the suit is too large or small to bring to the required size.

You can alter it when it comes to 42L and 42 R, but it also depends on how much you plan to do. Additionally, the material of the suit plays a crucial role in determining whether it can alter or not.

I would also suggest taking it to a good tailor for a good result. Unlike regular clothes, a suit jacket or coat is complex and requires a skilled tailor to produce an excellent result.


A suit jacket or coat looks better when it fits perfectly to your body. And it all depends on choosing the correct size and measurements.

Therefore, it would be better to take proper measures of your height, waist, shoulder, etc., before you buy one. That way, you choose one according to your body size.

42l and 42r are size descriptions of a suit jacket. It has the same chest size measurement but varies in sleeve length.

Hopefully, this guide was helpful and clarified your doubts about different suit measurements.



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