8 Affordable Brands For Aritzia Bodysuit Dupe

Aritzia bodysuits are a top favorite because of their fantastic quality. The high-end retailer from Canada is popular among fashion enthusiasts for luxury womenswear. 

The bodysuits from Aritzia are famous for Contour – the material of construction. Contour is a premium high-stretch fabric that gives the wearer a second skin feel, as they are designed to move with your body movements.

Aritzia bodysuits are the best when it comes to holding their shape, which means that they give you excellent support. Despite their luxe and skin-like feel, the bodysuits from this brand have two layers to sculpt and smooth your body’s contours. 

This luxury store from Vancouver houses several in-house brands, including Babaton that makes the popular bodysuits. 

As fantastic as they are, Aritzia Babaton bodysuits are not the most affordable, which has promoted many to search for the best Aritzia bodysuit dupe. If you’re among those, I have scouted the best Aritzia bodysuit dupe from all over, so here’s your chance to snag them today. 

BEST Aritzia Bodysuit Dupe And Where To Get Them

aritzia bodysuit dupe

My hunt for the best Aritzia Babaton contour dupe wasn’t easy as I had to search several top brands to find them. The bodysuit dupes I finally picked are very similar to the ones from Aritzia, and they come in different price ranges because I wanted to include something for everyone. 

Let’s find out!

H&M – Ribbed Bodysuit 

The ribbed bodysuit from H&M is a great dupe for the Babaton Contour Tank Bodysuit, retailing at $48. This dupe comes in the same black color with a jersey material and also shares a similar sleeveless and round neck design. 

The Aritzia neckline is cut a bit lower, but its dupe is a perfect fit making it to the top of my list. 

Cost of H&M bodysuit – $19.99, currently retailing for $12.99

Get this dupe here 

Abercrombie & Fitch – Ribbed Notch-Neck Bodysuit  

The bodysuits from Abercrombie & Fitch come in a variety of designs, and this Ribbed Notch-Neck Bodysuit is a dupe for the Babaton Notch-front bodysuit. It comes in a long sleeve with a U-shaped notch. The softAF rib fabric gives this bodysuit a slim look, which you will love. 

The notch-neck bodysuit from A&F comes in four different colors, while the Babaton is available in three sizes, so you have more options with the dupes.

The A&F notch bodysuit retails for $35, while the one from Aritzia will set you back by $58, so you do get a good deal. 

Grab this A&F bodysuit here 

Amazon – JUEYUN Women’s Square Neck Short Sleeve Bodysuit

The Square-neck short sleeve bodysuit from Jueyun available on Amazon is a perfect Aritzia Bodysuit dupe for the Square-neck tee bodysuit. Everything from the cut to the number of available colors is spot on, making them hard to tell apart unless you feel the fabric. 

This bodysuit on Amazon costs $12-$17, which is an excellent deal, while the one from Aritzia will cost you $48. 

Check out Amazon’s answer to the Aritzia bodysuit alternative

aritzia bodysuit alternative

Zaful – Lace See Thru Strappy Corset Bodysuit

If you love the Babaton Encore lace bodysuit, you might want to snag this dupe at Zaful. It is a great dupe with its delicate lace detailing, the see-through corset design, and the spaghetti straps. 

This black lace bodysuit from Zaful has an additional strap on the bust area, giving it a distinct look but everything from the high cut to the underwire on the bust is very similar to the one from Aritzia.

The lace bodysuit from Zaful costs $15.49, which is an unbeatable deal considering that the one from Aritzia retails for $58. 

Get the Zaful lace bodysuit here

Asos – Petite Skinny Fit T-Shirt Bodysuit

Asos has a great selection of bodysuits, and this petite t-shirt body is a fantastic dupe for the Aritzia Seamless tee bodysuit. Aritzia offers more color options, including black, and Asos’ black t-shirt bodysuit is a great pick, with a similar neckline and short sleeves. 

If you’re curious about the price, Aritzia’s retails for $48, while you can get the Asos one for half the price at $29. 

Get this bodysuit here

Mango – Strapped Stretch Bodysuit

This simple yet elegant strapped stretched bodysuit from Mango is a near identical dupe of Aritzia’s square-neck cami bodysuit. Aritzia has several colors of this bodysuit, while the one from Mango comes in pale pink with a very similar cut and design.

However, this Mango bodysuit retails for $59.99, which is a tad higher than the Aritzia at $48. 

Take a look at Mango’s strapped bodysuit 

Shein – SXY Solid High Cut Zipper Bodysuit

Anyone who shops with this retail giant knows that Shein has great dupes of designer and high items. And this SXY Solid High Cut Zipper Bodysuit is a great dupe for Aritzia’s Ribbed henley bodysuit. 

Both the bodysuits come in similar white color, with long sleeves and a low-cut neck. Shein’s bodysuits feature a zipper while Aritzia has a button-up, but the dupe is available at $10 against Aritzia’a at $58, which is a fraction of the cost. 

Check out Shein’s site


SKIMS is a relatively new offering from Kim Kardashian, and her line of bodysuits is more expensive than Aritzia. However, if you don’t mind paying extra dollars for the experience, the Essential Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Bodysuit from the brand is a great dupe for the Isabelle Ribbed square-neck bodysuit from Aritzia. 

They look remarkably similar with the long sleeves and square-scooped neck, and SKIMS offers 10 colors beating Aritzia by a long shot. 

The Essential body suit from SKIMS retails at $82, and you can get yours on the brand’s site.


Finding the best Aritzia bodysuit dupe was by no means easy, but the search was worth it since I get to share it with you. The bodysuit dupes cover a wide range of designs, brands, and price ranges, so you have plenty of choices and buy the best one for you. 

Some of the retailers on this best Aritzia bodysuit alternative list are based overseas, but they have international shipping, so you should have no problems shopping with them.




Photo by Arnaud Mesureur on Unsplash

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