Best Aritzia Effortless Pant Dupe From 7 Affordable Brands

Looking for a great Aritzia Effortless Pant dupe? You’ve come to the right place! I have searched and picked seven best Aritzia Effortless pant dupe, so you don’t have to do the work. 

The Effortless Pant from Aritzia is very popular among fashionistas because of its classic style and timeless look. It is a high-rise, tailored pair of pants that comes from Wilfred, one of Aritzia’s in-house brands. 

This classic pant features a long wide leg with a couple of knife pleats in the front that gives it a smart look. Regardless of your height or weight, the Effortless pants drape beautifully on the body thanks to the proprietary Create, which is a luxe crepe fabric sourced exclusively from Japan. 

In addition, the Effortless pants are available in 18 colors and come in all sizes – from petite to tall, which is why it has achieved icon status. 

However, this gorgeous pants from Aritzia retail at $148, making them an investment piece and not affordable for every budget. 

So, here’s my list of the top Aritzia effortless pants recommendations and where to get them today. 

aritzia effortless pant dupe

ARITZIA Effortless Pant Dupe

Abercrombie & Fitch – Tailored Wide Legged Pants 

My first pick of the best Aritzia effortless pant alternative is the tailored wide-legged pants from Abercrombie & Fitch. This wide-legged pant with its pleats in the front and high-rise cut is pretty spot on.

Of course, the fabric of the pants is completely different, so it drapes differently, but these A&F pants do not disappoint. Similar to the pants from Aritzia, this one also features pockets. 

Unlike the one from Aritzia, A&F pants are available in two primary colors, black and white, but you get an unbeatable deal of $80, currently on sale for $59.99. 

Get the dupe pants here 

H&M – Dress Pants

The dress pants from H&M in light beige color with front pleats, high-rise cut, and wide legs are another fantastic dupe for the Effortless pants. Similar to the Aritzia, this one features mock pockets at the back and creases throughout the length.

In addition, the H&M dress pants are made of soft fabric, so it sits gorgeously on the body. You will also appreciate the hook and eye fastener, which are cleverly concealed, giving the pants a very stylish appearance. 

The H&M dress pants have a price tag of $34, which is a steal in comparison to the one from Aritzia. 

Grab the Aritzia dupe from H&M

Zara – Flowing Wide-Legged Trousers 

Zara has several wide-legged pants, and the flowing wide-legged trouser in bottle green color is remarkably similar to the Effortless pants from Aritzia. Everything from the wide flare and the knife pleat in the front to the false pocket in the back is similar. 

In addition, the metal hook, zip fastening, and the button in the pants are also similar to the Aritzia. These Zara pants also have a piece of soft fabric, so it drapes nicely when you wear them and it retails for $62.66, which is half the price of Aritzia. 

This Aritzia dupe has an elasticized waist in the back, perhaps the only difference between the pants. 

Check out these pants here 

aritzia effortless pants recommendations

Mango – Wide Leg Suit Trousers 

Another high street brand that has an outstanding selection of trousers is Mango, and the wide-leg suit trousers are a brilliant dupe of the Aritzia Effortless pants. It has a similar high waist and wide legs with creases.

The trouser pants also feature a zip closure and also come with side pockets. Mango offers several colors of these pants and is available in different sizes, including petite and plus size, giving you a lot of options.  

The Mango pant has a price tag of $99, but you can get them for as low as $69 when it is on sale.

Get the dupe on Mango’s site

Poshmark – Banana Republic Sculpted Bootcut Pant

Don’t let the name of this pant fool you because this one is also a great dupe for the Aritzia Effortless pant. Normally the pants or other items from the Banana Republic are on the higher side, but this one on Poshmark comes at a reduced price, which you will appreciate. 

It has similar closure and creases to the one from Aritzia. In addition, it is also high-rise and has a wide leg opening, and is cut beautifully, giving it a very smart look. These wide-legged pants are currently on sale for $54 and are an olive green color. 

Get the pant here

Dynamite – Heidi Linen Wide Leg Pants 

Dynamite’s range of Heidi pants is a great Aritzia effortless pant alternative. The pants have a similar high-waist, crease, side pocket, and a mock pocket in the back, similar to the Effortless. 

The Dynamite pants are linen, so the drape is a bit different, but the rest are almost the same. If you like the cropped look, this brand also has several colors and sizes, so feel free to check out. 

The Heidi pants are currently on sale for $28, which is an unbeatable price. 

Check out Dynamite’s pants selection here

Uniqlo – Pleated Wide Leg Trousers

Another great Effortless pant dupe is the Pleated Wide Leg Trousers from Uniqlo. It comes with a front pleat, mock pockets, and a high-rise, which are very similar to the one from Aritzia. 

The zip closures, buttons, and smart cut make these trousers a fantastic pick for casual or workwear. These pleated wide-leg trousers come in three colors: black, dark brown, and beige. Unless it’s out of stock, the Uniqlo pleated wide-legged trousers are available in all sizes ranging from XXS to XXL, so you do have your options. 

If you’re curious about this Effortless pant’s dupe price, it retails at $40.95. 

Find this Aritzia’s dupe here 


My list of the best Aritzia Effortless pant dupe covers a wide range of choices, whether it is in terms of price and colors, so there is something for everyone. Some of the Aritzia Effortless pant alternatives like the one from Abercrombie & Fitch and H&M are almost identical and cost only a fraction of the price, so go ahead and take your pick from the list. 



Photo by Malik Skydsgaard on Unsplash

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