Does Romwe Run Small? Let’s Find Out!

For somebody looking for fashion at an affordable cost, Romwe is one of the first sites on their list. I have been a regular of Romwe for over 2 years now, and I still like it ( kind of)!

I say this because I’ve had my share of returns and refunds because of incorrect sizing. Though the site has garnered much love from women worldwide, a few issues still need reckoning!

Does Romwe run small? Or big? Or is Romwe true to size? These questions flood every shopper’s mind when they are on the website! If you are one of them, then I am here to help!

With years of experience shopping with Romwe, I have realized a few things about the brand! So, let’s dive right into it!

Does Romwe Run Small? The Big Reveal

does romwe run small

Yes, it does! Most of Romwe’s clothing ( including men’s and women’s) run small, so you will need to size up if you are buying one. One of the major issues with Romwe clothing is its sizing.

I have ordered multiple times from Romwe, and I would say that I had to return my orders 50% of the time because they were small for me! Also, this doesn’t apply to all their items but a few!

Their sizing chart seems accurate for a few things but not all. Hence, I suggest you order a size or two when you first order for Romwe!

Romwe’s Size Chart

Romwe’s sizes are available in the US, UK, and EU. The measurements are given in inches, so you can choose your size accordingly. There will always be a difference of about 1 inch between your measurements and theirs.

The Romwe size chart is separate for both men and women. Given the fact that it is an Asian brand, it makes sense that their sizes run small from the US or European sizes.

Their sizes start from an XS and go up to XL for men, and for women, it’s up to XL. The brand also has a separate section for plus size, but we will get to that later!

Size Chart For Women

SizeBust (Inches)Waist (Inches)Hip (Inches)USUKEU

Size Chart For Men

SizeChest (Inches)USUKEU

These Run Small On Romwe – Watch Out

With so many styles available on Romwe, it is hard to tell which design runs small or big or is true to size. However, given my experience, I now know the sizing of a few of their items.

Does Romwe swimwear run small, you ask? Most yes! Romwe does not have a dedicated size chart for their swimwear or swimsuits. They follow the same standard chart for all their items, so sizing for swimwear gets a little tricky!

It is always recommended to go at least half or one size up when you are ordering their swimwear.

Romwe tops and shirts are known for running small 99% of the time. I make sure that I order at least 2 sizes up for tops and shirts.

Also, a lot depends on the fabric of the top. Tops come in a variety of styles and fabrics. It is safe to go for your size if the top is stretchy or expandable; otherwise, always choose a size up!

Other items such as jeans and dresses run small too! The jeans are definitely going to run small if you have big bottoms, so always go for a size bigger. The dresses tend to run short too!

If you are a tall person, then it’s better to size up. It is recommended to opt for 2 sizes bigger for dresses and jeans.

Here is a quick glance at the clothing categories that run small, big, or true to size!

Romwe ClothingSizing
Tops and shirtsRuns small
T-shirtTrue to size
DressesRuns small
JeansRuns small
Swimwear/bikiniRuns small
SkirtsMostly true to size

Choosing The Right Size on Romwe

does romwe run true to size

Choosing the right size is paramount if you don’t want the trouble of returning a product. The site mentions a sizing chart according to measurement in inches.

But, as I’ve mentioned before, always choose a size or two bigger since Romwe clothing runs small.

Plus Sizing – Read This Curvy Ladies

Only recently, Romwe started this plus-size category of clothing, but it looks like they failed! Yes! If you check out customer reviews online, then most plus-size women seem to “Not FIT” into their plus-size clothing!

Their plus-size chart goes up to 5XL, but even so, they run small for plus-size women! The site suggests that their 5XL will fit a US 20, but that isn’t the case always!

Suppose you are ordering a T-shirt then maybe yes, but not for dresses or most of the tops, or jeans! But, if you are somebody who likes a snug fit, then you can always give it a try.

Nevertheless, plus size clothing of Romwe is not highly recommended for the big and curvy ladies!

Wrapping Up

Romwe has one of the largest inventory of everything fashionable and cheap. Few of their items have been highly recommended by fashion influencers and customers alike.

But yes, it is true that Romwe does run small, and it’s a bit problematic if you are lazy about returning your products.

While many of Romwe’s clothing runs small, there are also many that fit true to size or even run big at times. Also, if you are someday who likes fitting clothes, then you’ll definitely love the brand.

A recommendation here is to always order a size up when you are ordering from Romwe! 


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