Does Zaful Run Small? Here’s My Experience

ZAFUL is a fast fashion brand that has been gaining popularity in recent times for its affordable clothing and accessories. The brand is most famous for its swimwear, which you will see popping up on social media these days.

ZAFUL swimwear is seen as worn and advertised on social media by influencers, which led me to my first swimwear purchase on ZAFUL. I ordered myself a small-sized Ribbed Colorblock Monowire Bikini Top that came in light pink color, and I wondered, “Does ZAFUL Run Small?”

This question is precisely what I’ll discuss in this article, along with some other size-related queries. So, continue reading to understand how ZAFUL’s sizing works.

Does ZAFUL Run Small?

According to my experience with the brand’s swimwear and bikinis, I have noticed that they run small. In fact, they run very small that you might need to order a size or two bigger.

does zaful run small

I had doubts about the sizing on ZAFUL’s products after reading some reviews online, which convinced me to get a size bigger than I usually wear. The standard size for my body is small, but I decided to order a medium-sized bikini top.

It turns out that I made the right decision as ZAFUL’s medium size fitted me perfectly. There are some issues with their sizing, but this is normal as different brands follow different measurement policies depending on the styles and cuts.

However, the mismatch in sizes can also depend on your body type. Some might have a waist that fits a small size bikini but might have a bigger butt. Even if you order a bikini set, the bottom piece might fit you, but the top might be small if you have a large bust.

So, it is crucial to know your body’s precise measurements before you decide to order ZAFUL’s bikinis or other swimwear.

ZAFUL offers many sizes, ranging from small to XXL, in different styles and colors. Take a look at the size chart below to understand ZAFUL’s sizing.

Size (US)24681012141618
Bust (in inches)31.5 – 33.133.2 – 34.634.6 – 36.236.2 – 37.837.8 – 39.439.4 – 40.940.9 – 42.542.5 – 44.144.1 – 45.7
Waist (in inches)24.4 – 26.026.0 – 27.627.6 – 29.129.1 – 30.730.7 – 32.332.3 – 33.933.9 – 35.435.4 – 37.037.0 – 38.6
Hips (in inches)33.9 – 35.435.4 – 37.037.0 – 38.638.6 – 40.240.2 – 41.741.7 – 43.343.3 – 44.944.9 – 46.546.5 – 48.0

Does Zaful Run True To Size?

If you are shopping for the first time in Zaful, you might have questions like, “Does Zaful run big? Doet Zaful fit small?”

Such doubts are normal if you are using a brand for the first time. I would say that ZAFUL doesn’t run true to size for most people because their bikinis are very miniscule compared to other bikini brands.

It is always wise to buy a size or two bigger when it comes to ZAFUL’s bikinis, as your regular size might not be the same as theirs. A medium for Zaful would be equivalent to your standard size Small.

However, with that being said, Zaful has a wide variety of swimwear and bikinis to choose from. You can buy bikini sets or just the bottom and top separately. This is incredibly convenient for women whose body proportions may not fit Zaful’s size specifications.

If you have a small bottom but a large bust, you can opt to buy only the bikini bottom. Whether you want a one-piece size S or any other size, Zaful offers you a vast collection to choose from.

The only inconvenience is that sometimes you do not get the bikini or swimwear you want because they are available only in sets. You can buy them in sets, but it makes no sense for someone with a bigger bottom or bust.

I also faced that issue when I ordered the Cinched Tie Side Silky Bandeau bikini swimwear. The bikini bottom fitted me perfectly, but the top did not fit my big bust. In the end, I had to return it since there was no sense in using only the bottom part of the bikini set while letting the top sit in the drawer without usage.

Are Zaful Sizes UK Or US?

Zaful uses the US sizing on their products, but they have a size chart that will help you know which US size is equivalent to a UK size.

Click on the item you want to purchase, and you will see a “Fit & Size” option just below the “Add To Bag” button. Select the “Fit & Size” option, and a list of product specifications will drop. Zaful provides all the details of the model wearing the bikini swimwear, including her height, bust, waist, and hip measurements.

These details will help you decide which size will fit you perfectly.

What Are Zaful Plus Sizes Like?

does zaful run true to size

Zaful’s plus sizes start from US-12 and go up to US-22 for women. You can check out all the sizes’ specifications on their Size Chart page, including the waist, bust, and hip measurements.

Take a look at the women’s clothing plus size guide below.

USBust (in inches)Waist (in inches)Hip (in inches)
1239.0 – 40.933.1 – 35.041.7 – 43.7
1440.9 – 42.935.0 – 37.043.7 – 45.7
1642.9 – 44.935.0 – 37.045.7 – 47.6
1844.9 – 46.939.0 – 40.947.6 – 49.6
2046.9 – 48.840.9 – 42.949.6 – 51.6
2248.8 – 50.842.9 – 44.951.6 – 53.5

Zaful also sells other clothing items like dresses, pants, jeans, etc. Let us take a look at some of those products.

  • Jeans: Zaful’s Skinny Distressed Zipper Fly Jeans for men is one of their best-selling products. The sizes are available from US-32 to US-40.
  • Dresses: Zaful sells different varieties of dresses for women, like Cocktail Dresses, Sundresses, Date Night Dresses, and Green/White/Black Dresses. You can find them in all sizes.

Our Readers Asked

Does Zaful Swimwear Run Small?

Zaful swimwear is known for running small.

Does Zaful Swimsuits Run Small?

Yes, Zaful swimsuits run small.

Does Zaful Bikinis Run Small?

Zaful bikinis run small, sometimes very small.

What Sizing Does Zaful Use?

Zaful uses the US sizing for their products.

Do Zaful Sizes Run Small?

Yes, Zaful sizes are known to run small.




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