Does Summersalt Run Small? Here’s What I Found

Summer is the best season to go out and flaunt your swimwear, and there is no better brand to start with than Summersalt. It is a brand that prides itself in creating swimwear products that are inclusive of all sizes.

Gone are the days when people’s perspective about swimwear was of slim, hourglass-shaped women wearing bikinis and swimming at the beach. In the modern day, people of all shapes and sizes wear swimsuits, and Summersalt is one of the best swimwear brands available in the all-inclusive market.

However, Summersalt’s swimwear does run small, and it is important to buy a size or two bigger so that it fits you perfectly.

Let me help you clear all your doubts about Summersalt sizing through this article. Keep reading to find out if you can find your fit.

Does Summersalt Run Small?

does summersalt run small

Summersalt sells swimwear of all sizes ranging from 0 to 24. Not many swimwear companies have a wide selection of swimwear sizes like Summersalt does, which speaks a lot about the brand’s inclusivity.

However, sometimes you might wonder “Does Summersalt run small?” I have observed through my purchases from Summersalt that if you are a size M, you should purchase a size L to fit your body. So, yes, Summersalt does run small most of the time.

All women’s bodies are of different shapes and sizes, and Summersalt did a great job taking measurements from 10,000 real women before they started producing swimwear.

Check out the size chart below to see the range of sizes they offer to their customers.

2 (XS)3225.533.533.5
4 (S)34273537
6 (M)3628.536.538.5
8 (M)38303840
10 (L)4031.539.541.5
12 (L)42334143
14 (XL)4434.542.544.5
16 (1X)46364446
18 (2X)4837.545.547.5
20 (2X)50394743
22 (2X)5240.548.550.5
24 (3X)54425052

Summersalt also offers their customers a wide selection of styles.

Having to wear the same style, with the same old plain colors, would be boring. In Summersalt, you can find swimwear with animal print, color-block, florals, gingham, polka dots, prints, ruched, signature solids, and stripes. Match your personality and vibe by choosing your preferred swimwear style.

You also have the option to choose from many colors like red, blue, brown, yellow, green, black, orange, pink, purple, prints, and white. They even sell swimwear with different colors mixed to suit the summer moods.

Their fit comes in 5 different types.

  • Less butt coverage (A).
  • Medium butt coverage (B).
  • Full butt coverage (C).
  • Long torso.
  • Maternity.

How To Decide Size For Summersalt?

Does Summersalt run true to size? Does Summersalt run big?

These are some questions you might have in mind if you come across the Summersalt brand for the first time. Deciding the size for your Summersalt swimwear is not as difficult as might think.

Summersalt swimwear is usually not true to size, but it can also depend on your body type. If your body measurements fit the measurements in their size chart, you should buy that particular size. The size chart is universal for all women’s body types and you can use it as a reference for your size.

However, not everyone will fit the size chart’s specifications. For some people, the fit depends entirely on the style also. When I bought the Marina suit, I decided to go for a size up (From size M to size L) because I have a long torso.

You should also check if there is enough cover for your butt for specific styles. If not, you can always buy a size or two bigger. In some styles, you can size up to a 6 if you are looking for complete comfort.

If you are one of those people that love to shop online, you do not need to worry. You can order several styles and sizes to check which ones fit you the best. Whichever ones do not fit your body can be returned to the store, which is a very effortless process.

However, with Summersalt, it is always wise to buy a size or two bigger since it does not run true to size.

Do Summersalt Bikinis Run Small?

Yes, Summersalt bikinis run small. Though they offer a size chart on their website, their sizes does not always run true to their size. They have different styles and fits, which you can choose according to the chart’s specifications, but I advise you to buy a bigger size.

Summersalt also deals in other clothing like pants, jeans, dresses, etc. Let us look at some of their other products.

Pants – The Cross-Waist Straight Leg leggings are cute pants to wear for women while working out. Its fitted silhouette widens at the calves and ankles.

Dresses – Summersalt’s dresses are perfect for the summer, crafted from soft fabrics and eco-friendly materials. The Coastal Poplin Ruffle-Neck Midi Dress for women comes with a comfortable fit and is wrinkle-resistant.

Summersalt Swimwear Sizing

The Summersalt swimwear sizing ranges from 0-24 (extra small to 2X). To measure the size of the swimwear, you can look it up on the size chart provided on the Summersalt official website.

does summersalt fit small

Here are a few steps you can follow to ensure that you find the right size for your body type.

  • Take a measuring tape and measure completely around the broadest part of your bust. Make sure you breathe in and out while measuring, so the tape is placed just right.
  • Measure your waist’s narrowest part.
  • For your hip, place the measuring tape 6 inches up from your crotch area and take the measurement. The second step is to stand with your feet together and measure the circumference of the crotch area.

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Our Readers Asked

Do Summersalt Suits Run Small?

Yes, Summersalt suits run small.

Does Summersalt Bathing Suits Run Small?

Summersalt bathing suits run small as they are not true to their size. You should order a size up or two to check which size will fit you best.



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